Friday, September 19, 2008

Changes are comin'...

You may begin to see changes to my blog, website, collections and etc VERY soon! I wanted to have it all finished and changed on one day but I don't think it will happen with so many people involved...branding designer, blog guy that is loading everything for me because I am computer knowledge lacking and me trying to get all of the new pricing for 2009 together. I hope you like the changes and the new look. I love it! It is fun and natural...just how I like my photography to be.

For clients with sessions during the remaining 2008 months...pricing will remain the same for your sessions. Any changes seen on the site will be for 2009. In the proofing gallery the prices you see will be correct. :-)

***I am pleased to inform you that client proofing should be working properly now. Email me if you find any issue with it. Thank you!

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