Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun at the river

Well, really the canal but close enough! We had beautiful sunny weather even though it was supposed to be mostly cloudy. Duke, the black lab, joined us for pictures too! He is a gorgeous and well behaved big guy. So on to the reason for the pictures. M is 32 weeks preggo and due at the end of July. They are having a sweet little boy! His name is going to be a fun! Guess what I just found out today?!!! I am going to have the opportunity to photograph the birth!!! I am beyond excited. I just love this family already. Dad has a great personality and was such a trooper throughout the session. B was also great and posed for the one shot of him below. He is a very mature 12 years old and such a cutie pie...what 12 year olds probably don't want to be called cute...okay, he is so handsome! Here is your sneak peek. Enjoy.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Beautiful baby girl

Remember this gorgeous belly?!

Well, baby B is here! She is such a sweet baby. I was lucky to receive tons of sweet smiles from her yesterday. Can you fever?! I didn't want to let her go back to mom but I had to. B was such a trooper with only a little crying and one feeding through a 2 hour shoot. The family just moved into their perfectly built home one week before her arrival and yet the home looks like a southern living magazine. Mommy has awesome decorating skills! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek J and T!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Offer for free birthing session

Do you know anyone who is having a baby soon? Are you due this summer?! Up for grabs is a free birthing session to the first person to contact me and tentatively book the session. The session fee will be free and I will also give the new parents one free digital image that they can use on their birth announcement as well as use for personal printing. The birthing process involves so many special moments. I will be there to capture the details in an unobtrusive manner. Comment here or contact me via my webpage.

The free birthing session has been taken. Others interested in a birthing session please contact me for the birthday collection details. Thanks!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My guy

I just wanted to post a picture of my baby boy. This was taken a few weekends back at a local garden area. He had a blast walking the pathways, watching birds and playing in the little stream. He is talking and learning so many things. I love this 2 year old stage!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


What precious girls Dawson has for cousins! Reed and Reagan are the sweetest little things in pink. I have to get my need for pink out when I see them! On Mother's Day I had the opportunity to snap some pictures of them while Dawson napped away. He slept through the entire Mother's Day lunch and I had to wake him up at 4:00!! I am still working on the others but here are one of each. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To all of the mommy's out there...and those that will soon be...Happy Mother's Day! Being a mother is so amazing. When my son reaches up and grabs my face and lays a big kiss on my lips, I melt. At night when we are saying his prayers and he is laying his head on my shoulder but also patting my back, I just slip in a quick thanks to God for sending me this angel. When he just randomly tells me I love you Momma, I realize why I went through those 9 months of being sick, swollen and so tired I could pass out. Children are truly a gift.

As a thanks to all mothers out there for doing such a great job, I am offering a special! From now until Friday, May 16th 2008 you may purchase a full resolution CD with 10 of your favorite proofs from sessions done before May 1, 2008 for $350. This is an amazing offer since you will be given reprint rights and will have these memories in your care for years to come. To be eligible for this special you must have placed on order in the past. Please email me using the contact page on my website if you are interested in this offer

My momma's hand...mine look like hers. Her hands have done so much for me. I only pray I am half the mom she is. God blessed me with her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fabulous Family!

I had such a wonderful time Sunday morning with this great family. We had some family members missing but I hope this family portrait will be a great memory for all. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A little about me...

Who am I? I thought I would share a little about myself so you can get to know me. If you have any questions that you would like answered please feel free to ask away by leaving a comment. I will edit and add to the answers! I think this will be a fun way to get to know me before our first...or next session.

1. Favorite color: Well, this first question will show one problem I have...making decisions. Lol. I love blue because it is the color of the ocean and the sky on a beautiful day. I love red and black because of UGA! GO DAWGS! I love orange and brown because it reminds me of Fall. I love green because my hubby has gorgeous green eyes. I also love pink because one day I hope to have a little girl! See...I have trouble choosing!

2. Favorite food: This one is easy...Mexican! We eat at El Alazan at least 2 times a week. Dawson loves it too! That's my boy!

3. Hobby other than photography: I love to read. I can get lost in a good book in no time.

4. Favorite vacation spot: The beach...doesn't matter where but I do prefer the Gulf. The countdown is on until our annual family beach trip...we have around 1.5 months!

5. Pets: Cooper, 4 year old Golden Retriever; Bella, 4 year old mean orange

Questions asked:

1. What are my favorite portraits to take?
Hard question. I would say that if I had to choose just one I would have to, I can't do this! I think I love something different about each one. I love maternity because pregnancy is such a beautiful miracle. Creation just amazes me and reminds me that God is truly in control. I love seeing how the new parents to be react and just feel their excitement. It is awesome! I love newborns because they are just so fresh and pure. From 0-2 weeks newborns are the sleepiest and are so cuddly for pictures. I love seeing their tiny hands and feet. I just LOVE baby feet! Babies and toddlers are great because they are turning into little people. They change SO much between sessions it is amazing. Kids cooperate more than the younger ones so I can capture their personalities while they "model" for me. I haven't really had a senior session yet but I think that would be so much fun! I would love to go downtown and explore for the perfect location. I love seeing families interact with each other also. Photography is just great! Sorry I can't answer your question correctly but remember that I have trouble making decisions!

2.What made you want to be a photographer?
I have always enjoyed photography. My mom tells me that as soon as I could play with a camera I was! I have since learned that my father was into photography also. He took some beautiful pictures of animals, fireworks and nature. I guess it is just in me. I love capturing the moment to have as a memory forver.

Any others you want answered? Ask away! I will leave you with a picture of my handsome furbaby!